Why ask a question when I cannot reach you,,,

Recently there were two instances where a commenter posted a comment on one of my posts (two different posts, of course) and started going off on a rant, asking me several questions. The first question I totally ignored as a rant, but the second one was making a serious allegation – like I am harassing them and that my blog somehow has a link to theirs and that they cannot delete it or something.

I did not understand the question really, and I wanted some clarifications (what do you mean ‘link’, how can you not delete your blog, etc.), so I hit ‘Reply’ on my email to reply to the person, but it was coming from anonymous-comment@blogger.com.

Now, I know that I have anonymous comments on, and readers of this blog would know that I do not respond to anonymous comments. But if you want to ask questions and expect a response, why would you make a comment anonymously? Make sure you put your email address or blog address or any such contact information, so I can respond to you!

Also, in their comment, they referred to some posts on THEIR blog. How am I supposed to know what their blog is??? They assume perhaps, that I know who they are and where they are coming from (in terms of blog) … but I really don’t!

This is not the weirdo who had nothing else to do. This person is asking pointed questions, so I know they are trying to get to something, but I am clueless how to respond 😦

Or is this just a bad joke being played on me??? I don’t have time for those …


2 thoughts on “Why ask a question when I cannot reach you,,,

  1. RPM says:

    @art: of course that’s what I did earlier, but if there is some allegation, I would like to respond. Isn’t that normal?

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