Federer does have a switch

Just like many great players, Roger Federer has a switch which he can turn on to go that extra inch to get back in a game or to turn it up when needed.

I watched a little bit of his semifinal match against Nalbandian and realized that he was listless, almost disinterested in the first set which he lost and then went down 0-3 in the second. Then, all of a sudden, he flipped that switch and started making unbelievable shots, much to David’s dismay.

He convincingly won the second set and from the scores I see that he won the match when Nalbandian had to default because of some injury.

But it was amazing to see how quickly Federer went from a pathetic display of tennis to a champion’s display. Now that Nadal has crushed his Ljubicic and reached the finals, it will be damn interesting to see how the finals play out.


7 thoughts on “Federer does have a switch

  1. Have seen this kind of switch happen with many players (in different sports) who dominate their game. Its like they slip only out of their own boredom and nothing else. And then suddenly they find themselves behind, wake up, and get back to a superior game. Have seen this in tennis with Samparas (who else – when you compare with Federer!). But its amazing how Nadal has had a hold on Federer on clay. And I think its getting to Federer’s head. Which can be the one reason he may not put it across Nadal, still. But yes, it should be a damn good match to watch.

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: Re:Nadal holding Federer on clay, if you notice the gap is closing. The most recent match they played was a tough 5-setter with huge momentum swings and Nadal was somehow able to crawl out of that one. Of course, Nadal also has a HUGE switch of his own which he can turn on when needed. And that’s why it is going to be interesting … can’t wait 🙂

  3. It happened. Federer made HUGE unforced errors. VERY unlike him. So I believe that somewhere it has become a big mental block for him to beat Nadal on clay. If he gets the opportunity on grass, he will whip Nadal like nobody’s business, just to get his own ego up again!! How can you explain such a huge change after the first set? Some unbelievably random shots by Federer.. if I did not know better, it seemed like he threw the game away.

  4. @ Spm – Yeah I think he started getting those Backhands messed up after the 1st set.Watched him lose a match after a loooong time. But he would pull his socks up before Wimbledon 😉

  5. RPM says:

    @spm: yes, I am beginning to think it was a mental block in Federer’s case. But credit should go to Nadal for coming back from a drubbing in the first set to win the match.

  6. If you read Federer’s comments to the presss, before and after the game, you are all the more convinced that there is an issue in the head.Just read them closely and you will see the thread..

  7. RPM says:

    @spm: Yes, I saw his interview after the match and he did seem like he resigned to the fact that he cannot win. Just very surprising.

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